We are a Windsor based company founded in 2018 by Matthew Haddad, a dedicated and passionate jewellery visionary. Matthew was born into a family of jewellery manufacturers who focused on the industrial foundation of jewellery making. Upon venturing into the world of wholesale and retail, he was quick to assess the need for a more expansive jewellery product line that blends quality, fair pricing, and unique product design that focuses on everyday wear.

Bowdaa is an online retail store that designs all products here in Canada and manufactured by master craftsmanship and the latest machinery and technology. We offer ready-made jewellery for everyday accessorizing and are able to create custom designs and adapt any existing items with a customized twist to cater to each individual’s requirements.

Our stunning pieces are available as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and anklets. Our product line continuously expands and always features new and trend-setting materials that blends artistically with the gold items produced. All our jewellery is strictly made from 18 karat gold and is available in yellow, white, and pink.

It would make us extremely happy if you would like to reach out to us by phone +1 (416) 951 5907, email assist@bowdaa.com, and live chat! Please don’t hesitate as it would be our pleasure to help you every way we can.