Experience Buying Jewellery Online

Experience Buying Jewellery Online

Shopping online has been a positive change in people's lives and a convenience for a good ten years. Companies like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba pioneered the transformation from traditional buying channels to online. With their experimentation, all these years, the logistics of selecting a product and navigating from placing an order, making payments to delivering has been executed phenomenally well.

The jewellery industry leaders and local retail and wholesale markets around the world still operate conventionally. They are very focused on their brick-and-mortar shops, using outdated (still locally useful) tactical marketing funnels, spending money on traditional advertising and dealing with fraud and robbery on a daily basis. Late bloomers to the online retail revolution and not knowing the opportunity is being presented on a silver platter for all.

Shopping for jewellery and accessorizing is part of fashion and has always been trendy. And with consumer buying behaviors ever-evolving because of new technologies, online purchases are speedily being adopted by the masses. The challenge and time-required aspect are in educating the jewelers and supporting them in achieving a successful transformation.

If you are an expert in jewellery design and manufacturing, then you should be thinking of yourself as an individual enterprise that can offer its professional services to consumers, globally. Today, everyone has equal opportunity to make their mark and profit from the knowledge and expertise you have in the industry. If you spend 50% of your attention and energy in setting up a presence online, then you will begin to see positive results in sales.

We at Bowdaa Technologies all have a long and experienced background as jewelers. We have created bowdaa.com with the intention to give jewelers the platform o establish themselves in the online world. We are set to lead and educate jewelers and consumers with an entrepreneurial twist. Considering all the innovation and tried and true online marketing funnels, we are bringing the buyer to you. Customers can now reach directly to the Jewellery Experts to design and manufacture any jewellery article to their liking. Without having to physically visit a retail shop. You have to create a profile for yourself and make it appealing to the buyer to choose you above anyone else.

We are offering Professional jewellery services that invite Jewellery Experts in their fields, whether it is designing using CAD, wax molding, stone setting, manufacturing, soldering, etc., to set up a profile and be available to submit proposals to job posts from Customers. And buyers have the freedom to choose designs based on their preferences without having to pay retail prices. This buying model is a personalized approach and is what we are betting on.

There is plenty of work to be done. And bowdaa.com is pioneering the path in creating a platform that will enhance the jewellery market and establish entrepreneurship from the talented jewellery exerts in a virtual sense. We urge you to get involved, register and reach out to us for any feedback - all communication is welcome.  

Follow us on our social media platform @BowdaaSocial and contact us by sending an email to assist@bowdaa.com or through our contact page. Check out our blogs and get involved in our community.


Yours truly,

Matthew Haddad, Founder

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